Sealoflex® SFB 5-50 (HT)

Sealoflex® PMB for heavy duty asphalt

Climate changes, higher traffic volumes, heavier wheel loads. Today, many different factors limit the durability of asphalt pavements. The Sealoflex® SFB5 range of polymer modified binders has been specially designed to cope with such extreme loading cases. Sealoflex® SFB5 binders provide quality and durability unrivalled by any other kind of asphalt binder.

Sealoflex® SFB5 is an SBS polymer modified binder with relatively high polymer content. With the specially developed Sealoflex® processing technique the polymer is cross-linked and stabilised.

Accordingly asphalt mixtures with Sealoflex® SFB5 are rut resistant, crack resistant and almost impossible to fatigue even in extreme load cases which is confirmed by results in laboratories and in practice.


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Sealoflex® SFB5 binders have
premium properties with respect to:



Description of product

Sealoflex® SFB 5-50 (HT) is a high quality SBS-polymer modified bitumen for use in
asphalt base, binder and wearing courses.

Product characteristics

Sealoflex® SFB 5-50 (HT) polymer modified bitumen complies with European
Standard EN14023:2010 and particular properties as summarized below.

Handling and storage

Sealoflex® polymer modified bitumen has a higher viscosity compared to normal
bitumen, which should be considered during handling and mixing. Below the
properties and recommended temperatures have been summarized.